Seasons change

This is my last full week as a Regional Campus Librarian. I have taken a new position at my institution’s main campus, title yet to be determined. Our Information Literacy and Outreach department head left a few months after I started, and one of the librarians from that department took over as head over the summer. I am taking over her old role, with some new twists. My job will be to focus on emerging technologies, and also how to best serve our end users.

I’m also going to work with the current Psychology and Social Work subject librarian to slowly take over those duties as he gets ready to retire. So basically, this is the job description I would have written for myself after my first year as a librarian. The title is still TBD because the whole department is going to sit down and discuss what our roles are, and how we classify ourselves.

I am thrilled to be moving to what I like to call the mothership, as I think it will give me more opportunity to work on joint projects and ultimately move our library in a positive direction. I love the campus where I work now, and was blessed to have wonderful colleagues here. I am going to be a part of the search committee to fill my current job which will be posted soon.

My last hurrah here at this campus will be a faculty conference that I am planning in conjunction with our faculty administrator here. I had the idea to plan a day for all the regional campus faculty (we have ten locations) to attend professional development sessions that would be useful in all areas of their work. Of course, I am presenting one of the sessions!

We were also able to get a keynote speaker from one of our content providers, and speakers from several offices on campus. We sent the registration information yesterday and have four faculty signed up already. The conference takes place in early November, so I tried to get as many details worked out as possible while I was still on this campus.
I hope to blog more as I take over my new role. I am planning to spend time analyzing what we currently do, but also exploring new opportunities (like 3D printing!).


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