Sneaking into Fall

Fall semester always sneaks up on you. Summer is often spent catching up on projects and days tend to be far less structured. The realities of a full semester start to sink in with about two weeks left as the calendar fills with meetings, classes, and other obligations. This week is our last before the Fall semester starts, and I’ve managed to get some great work done in the last two weeks to prepare.

I’m fortunate to be working with one of my colleagues on a research project using Project SAILS, and we’ve been working to create marketing materials and get buy in from faculty. We’ve already scheduled 5 minute project intros in several classes, and should meet our target of 200 students taking the assessment. I’m sure I will share more details on this as the work unfolds.

I’ve also been lucky to have the support of faculty from last year who were happy with the instruction I provided in their class. I have already been asked to teach in four classes within the first month of the semester, and all of the faculty are giving me as much time as I need during a whole class period. Three of the four are classes I’ve taught before and already have solid plans and supplementary materials.

Our library transitioned to the new Libguides over the summer, and I’ve been working to assist one of my colleagues with that process. I’m channeling my library school self with CSS coding! I think all librarians should take a class in basic HTML/CSS coding, it’s been extremely useful for me in this job and in my previous role.

Another initiative I’ve been working on is creating new marketing materials for students. Here are some of the handouts/posters/flyers I’ve developed. I’m posting them as PDF but would be happy to share the Publisher files or websites I used to create them.

Easy Button Flyer – this one I have posted at the main administration desk for my institution on my campus, and by the free student printers.

Hot Mess Citation – I saw a comedic version of this out at a store and turned it into a handout that can be used when I work with students on correcting citations. As you can see, I appreciate humor!

Library flow chart – I intended to turn my “Top things about the library” handout into an infographic, and got distracted by the idea of making a flowchart instead. This was developed using the easelly website.

Student newsletter – I create one of these at the beginning of each semester.

For my faculty I created personalized emails for each person based on the interaction I’ve had (or not) with them in the past. Being on a regional campus is nice that way – 30ish emails felt very doable! I included information about all the services the library or I could provide them and their students during the semester. I’ve gotten a bit of feedback so far, but expect to get more when the semester starts on Monday.

I have come to look forward to this time of year, apprehensive, but still excited about the great work I get to do!


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