The Start of a New Year

I enjoy starting off a year of blogging with a look back at the year. This blog had 1462 views in 2013 (compared to 429 in 2012), a number which I attribute to increased networking and the book reviews I’ve posted. In 2013 I wrote 28 posts here, just over one every two weeks. I had wished for closer to weekly posts, and I know that a contributing factor to the low numbers was the MOOC I completed in December. I posted 13 times to that blog, and often didn’t have the time or energy to blog here. I also started blogging for Collaborative Librarianship News, and posted 10 posts there. This brings my yearly library related blogging total to 51 posts!

My 2013 as a librarian started with me working as the Reference/Instruction Librarian for Cleveland Community College in Shelby, NC and finished with me working as a Regional Campus Librarian for the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. This was my first career transition within librarianship, and it’s been a challenging and rewarding change. The skills I developed in NC translated well to my new position, and I found that learning the campus culture was a more significant transition than any library related job functions.

I attended my first ALA Annual Conference in 2013. I was fortunate to have made some great library friends in North Carolina that helped me make new connections with librarians from across the country. I ran my first 5k while at ALA, and this sparked a new passion for running that has been personally fulfilling. I am attending ALA Annual in Las Vegas this summer, and will be moderating the panel discussion that my committee put together.

I started the year serving on one ACRL committee, and co-chairing the same committee for the current year. I was heavily involved in some NC specific library organizations, and haven’t yet made the connections in Florida to do the same types of work locally. I’m now serving on another ACRL committee, am the webmaster for the new ALA Sustainability Round Table, and am on the ballot for ACRL’s Distance Learning Section Secretary. I’m excited to continue my work with these organizations in the next year.

I spent my first semester at UCF learning about my campus/library system, getting to know faculty, making my face known to students, and getting into a routine with my colleagues at the reference desk. I had my name in print for the first time, as my ALA session write-up appeared in C&RL News. I also started my first research project, and have been asked to work with a colleague on another. I am hopeful that one or both of these experiences will lead to the opportunity to publish.

I participated in two MOOCs this year: the Atlas of New Librarianship and the Hyperlinked Libraries. The first was short and contained too much information to process successfully in the amount of time I had to devote to the course. The second was incredibly rewarding and enriching. It helped me experience my job in a new way, and energized me to make positive changes in the future. I look forward to more large scale learning opportunities like this in 2014.

I wrote my professional mission statement and shared that with my colleagues here and worldwide on this blog. This mission statement is a wonderful foundation for setting future goals. In the next year of my life as a librarian I would like to:

1. Make connections with Florida librarians outside UCF and my partner institution
2. Begin working on my promotion package
3. Strengthen my relationships with the faculty on my campus (which will hopefully lead to more opportunities to teach)
4. Continue my work on the national level, and potentially work on another committee.
5. Read at least 10 books that are work related (I read 5 in 2013).

Thanks to all of you who read my blog in 2014, and I look forward to another year of blogging for myself and for my readers!


3 thoughts on “The Start of a New Year

  1. Hey Carrie,
    Great to hear you are doing so well. Since you are probably going to have 2000+ readers this year, I wanted to help you catch a typo.
    5. Read at least 10 books that are work related (I read 5 in 2014).
    Happy 2014!

    Melanie Wood
    Library Manager, Harris Campus
    Central Piedmont Community College
    3210 Harris Campus Drive, Building 1
    704-330-4618 (on campus x7695)
    We value your feedback. How is our service at CPCC?

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