Throwing Balls in the Air

The title of this post “Throwing Balls in the Air” popped in to my head earlier this week after I got an email confirming that I’m officially running for the office of secretary/archivist for the Distance Learning Section of ACRL. This email came in shortly after another email letting me know that I was selected to serve on the editorial board of the “Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning”. I am extremely excited about serving on the editorial board, and am looking forward to being more involved with ACRL. I also feel a little bit like I keep throwing balls in the air and don’t feel that confident in my juggling skills!

In addition to those new things I am getting started as the webmaster/head of the web committee for ALA’s new Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), and am working through a Drupal training course. I’m also still working as the co-chair of the ALA Annual Conference Program Planning Committee for ACRL DLS, and haven’t started my work yet on the ACRL National Conference Innovations Committee. I think I’m officially done joining committees and being involved on a national basis, although I’d like to get more involved with the Florida Library Association. I was recently approached by two of my fellow UCF Librarians to work with them on submitting a proposal for a panel discussion at the Florida Library Association’s 2014 Conference. We submitted the proposal yesterday and I’m very energized by the topic we selected. I don’t want to say too much because we won’t know if we get selected until November, but I’m hoping it works out!

It’s been harder than I expected to transition from my former position to this one. When I started at Cleveland I was filling a long vacated position and had an immediate set of responsibilities to perform. Here I am in a newly created position. Before I came this campus had a UCF Librarian come once a week and faculty/students didn’t really rely on the services of a UCF Librarian. When I evaluate my time here thus far based on what I did at Cleveland I feel inadequate, but when I evaluate in the context of my role here at this institution I feel much more confident. I have been teaching some short overview library sessions in several classes over the last two weeks and really enjoy being back in the classroom. I’ve also had conversations with at least half of the faculty on this campus and my interactions have been positive.

I don’t like to admit that I’m having moments where I feel frustrated or inadequate, but I think it’s just a part of making the change to a new library and a new role. I have been looking forward to the beginning of the semester because I knew it would get me out of introspection mode and more into action mode. UCF classes started last Monday, and Valencia classes started this Monday so the library has been packed this week. Unfortunately, I spent last week battling an upper respiratory infection and had to miss two days. I had to reschedule one library session and missed meeting some faculty, but I made up for it this week. This post feels very stream of consciousness for me and has been helpful for reflection and processing, I hope someone out there finds value in it as well!


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