Checking In

I last posted 2 weeks ago, and my commitment to this blog is nagging at me to post something. I took this short hiatus (followed by this short post) due to a combination of factors in my personal and professional life. I had a random stomach illness last week that caused my Thursday night blogging time to be overbooked with rescheduled things and wading through two days of emails and responsibilities that I’d missed. I hate missing a day, and two is even worse! We had our second Library Out Loud session for faculty and our second Library Film Night on Thursday evening. The Library Out Loud session had six attendees, which is better than the four from the last session. I think part of the paltry attendance was the fact that due to my illness it was rescheduled. It’s unfortunate because I presented on our streaming video services and most of the attendees were faculty who I know are already using them!

Our film only had one student attendee but one of our staff members also attended and stayed for the entire film. We screened “Dark Passages” which is an older PBS piece on the West African slave trade. The discussion was led by one of our faculty members in Religion who has a degree in African American History. The staff member who attended talked about how he could trace his lineage back to West African and about growing up in the South in the late 1950s. It was a fantastic experience for the student who attended, and I wish more students could have been there for that. The faculty and staff member both stayed for 15 minutes after the discussion showing the student online resources relating to the film and her interests. I was so impressed with them, and it made me feel good to be a part of an institution where that happened. I’m glad we started this series and hope that we can promote it better through the rest of the semester to increase attendance.

I finished the “What the Best College Teachers Do” and had intended for my next post to be a review, so I will aspire to complete that next week. I’ve moved onto reading “Resonate” by Nancy Duarte. I have some big presentations coming up and read good things about this book. I love it so far. For anyone else working on a big presentation, I highly recommend this Presentations 101 guide from  the Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School.


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