Things to Do and People to Meet

Last Thursday I attended a webinar from the NMRT of ALA on networking. It had some great tips and ideas that I’ll try to put to use tomorrow when I attend the Metrolina Library Association’s Information Literacy Conference in Charlotte. I especially like the idea to make notes from your conversation on the back of the person’s card. I don’t think I need to worry as much about developing talking points since I’m attending a themed conference, but I know what my current struggles/projects/questions are and I will make sure I bring them up with people I meet.

After the presentation I cleared the dust off my Twitter account and added several of the presenters and attendees from the webinar. I’m really trying to get back into Twitter but the sheer volume of tweets is often overwhelming. I deleted the vast majority of the non-library accounts I follow to cut down, but if I leave my feed open for half an hour without checking I have 50-100 new tweets to read. I’d like to continue using it for professional networking and I’m trying to tweet more often. Sometimes the enthusiasm, dedication and passion of my library colleagues is intimidating. I worry that I’m not doing enough or meeting the right people or cultivating the right experiences. I need to remind myself that I’m still really new and that what I’ve done so far is at least sufficient, if not remarkable.

The past week I’ve been focused on evaluating some new resources for the library, making a game plan for the online tutorials and instructional videos I need to make this summer, and working on improving our security and functioning based on the workshop I attended. I met with my fellow full time librarian, our Dean and our Office Manager for about an hour and a half yesterday to discuss the security plan I drew up for our library. The meeting went well, my suggestions were well received, and everyone seemed committed to making the changes we need to move forward. After the meeting I drew up a short list of library rules and a guideline for how the rules will be enforced. It’s interesting being a part of a larger institution. We consulted our Student Handbook to see what other campus rules were, and we have to get our new procedures approved by several people plus build a relationship with our Student Services department to have a formal way to deal with disruptive students. I’m looking forward to putting our plan in place and training our staff to feel comfortable using it.

Now that the security project is moving in the right direction I’m directing my attention to creating online materials for instruction. I’ve been keeping a running list of things I’d like to accomplish, and now I’m trying to pull it all together. I need to re-vamp the way we deliver instruction to the basic skills classes that we teach in person over one to two class periods. We’ve changed our website, bought new resources, and upgraded resources since I started so I also need to make short tutorial videos for our users to replace old videos and teach them how to use some of our new content. Lastly, I’d like to make a series of videos based on the information literacy standards. I attended a webinar called “Information Literacy and E-Resources: Moving Beyond the Chalkboard” where Amanda DiFeterici (Head Librarian, South University) mentioned having a set of mini mix & match information literacy lessons, and I thought that was great. I’d ideally like to make a plan that pairs the standards with skills I already teach that can be recorded in short videos or taught in short segments to in person classes.

This might not all happen this summer unfortunately. I’m also working with our Psychology department to build library space for their projects and will likely be teaching in each of our Fall Psychology classes. We’re also on the verge of getting a discovery service and have recently purchased another resource that I’d like to teach all of our “regulars” (English orientation and basic skills classes), and I need to make sure I get our instructional outlines and plans for the in person classes finished before the semester starts. There are some good ideas in this blog post and the comments section that I might put into use. I’m really trying to focus on our in person instruction being more hands on and active for students.

Now that I’ve listed all the things on my agenda I’m itching to do some research for my online tutorials. Suggestions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Things to Do and People to Meet

  1. Hi,
    I think we were sitting beside each other at the jessamyn west talk? Sounds like you are doing great work! Let me know if you want to brainstorm ideas with me or our instructional design people. And welcome back to Twitter! It can definitely get overwhelming. I like using the lists to help sort through some of the noise, but that’s when I remember to check them.

    • Hey. I saw that you were on Twitter and thought I might be sitting next to you. That talk was amazing! Thank you for the Twitter tip, it’s worth the effort to stay on top of library things. I’ll definitely be in touch in the future to brainstorm!

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