A short update

The second week of instruction went well. I wish that I had all the classes for two sessions because I felt like the students who only get the second portion of instruction are missing out on resources. I also realized that I built a lot of the humor into the first half and the second half kind of fell flat on its own. The good news is that I have until about October to edit. I want to do a lot of the modifications sooner so that I can make changes while the sessions are still fresh in my mind. This has been a weird week for me. I moved into a new place this weekend so I was off early Monday, and I ended up being out sick yesterday with a migraine. Tuesday was interesting because I taught an English class in between two of the ACA classes, so I really had to switch gears mentally.

The information covered in both sessions is quite similar, and I ended up using the information cycle tutorial I made for ACA in the English classes. I have a lot of longer term work for committees coming up, but no big project to focus on. I’d like to start building more online tutorials and refining the ones I’ve made. I also need to record new instructional videos as our website and several of our databases have changed since the New Year.

I’m a bit brain dead today but I wanted to make sure to get a post in. I’ll leave you with a link or two from my blog reading this week.

10 Amazing Uses for Wolfram Alpha – This post is fantastic! I never knew how much Wolfram Alpha could do. I especially love the comparison features.

Teaching How Information Works, Not How to Work Information by Barbara Fister – Great article that was especially relevant after my 2 week teaching frenzy!



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