My Big Week of Instruction

At this point I’m half way through teaching the ACA classes I’ve been preparing for since the beginning of the year. I feel really good about the way my classes have gone and I think the students really respond well to the humor I try to use in my presentations. I’ve had several students stop me to tell me the enjoyed the class or to ask questions and that makes me feel accomplished. One of the most common complaints I’m hearing from the students and our post-test/survey comments is that they wish they had more time and could get hands on with the material. This is my biggest wish too! My Dean told me they used to have 3 hours with them. Now I have some classes for 75 minutes and some for one or two 45 minute sessions. It’s hard to cover everything we think is essential. I cut out as much as I felt was feasible so we’ll see what happens when we review the instructional program at the end of next week.

One thing that’s made me especially happy is watching the students working together. The end of their first session is a group assignment that asks them to use a matrix to check off the most likely location in the library or on the library website to complete tasks. I’ve had 5 classes do this activity and all of them worked diligently and cooperatively to complete the assignment. I was kind of taken aback by how well they responded, and we are happy that we can incorporate group work into a short library class. The second session requires them to complete an individual assignment I built using the Adobe Articulate software. I was worried that they would have trouble figuring out the controls and how to navigate through the assignment but I only had one student have trouble with that. Unfortunately, it seems as if many of them struggled to pass the assignment. I know I need to re-evaluate the assignment and the instruction to see why this happened.

It feels nice to be recognized for how hard I worked on this. I’ve had 2 of the instructors and 2 of my fellow librarians comment that they can tell how hard I’ve been working and that they appreciate it. On the whole I feel great about the experience, and I’m looking forward to making constructive changes for future sections. I had so many big projects I wanted to get done when I started. Next week will be 6 months since I moved here, and March 6th is 6 months since I started working here. In that time I’ve completely re-built our website, radically changed the ACA library instruction program, evaluated and facilitated the purchase of video streaming services, and have taught a variety of classes including some for faculty. I don’t really have any big work project looming right now, so I’m enjoying spending more time at the reference desk and circulation desk. I’m also going to continue to build my relationships with faculty members to hopefully get more classes in the library for instruction. I also have work to do for the various committees I’m a part of and I’m looking forward to using the committee work to get more involved with librarianship as a whole.


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