Always Something

As I sat down at the reference desk to start my Thursday night routine (updating my priority list, catching up on email, writing this blog, etc), we got the call that my co-librarian has been put on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. She is due March 4th, so this is earlier than we expected her to be out although we did know it was coming. That added a few extra classes to my agenda this month and means that I’m about to be even busier!

This week I tried to get some things finished because I knew this maternity leave was coming. I got the cards made for the ACA classes, so they are essentially done. I need to have the in class assignment printed and my Dean and I have a practice session scheduled for the instruction next week. She’s the only other person teaching any of these sessions and I need to get her comfortable using the Powerpoint in response to questions. I’m really excited to try this out. It could be a total failure but I’m hoping that having the students ask questions and using humor will help the sessions be more engaging and worthwhile.

We had our second Appy Hour today. There was a slightly smaller turnout than last time, maybe because of the day. I covered how to set up the EBSCO app and my favorite app, OurGroceries. One of our attendees brought up OverDrive so I was able to talk about some of the eBook access we have in the library, which was a nice & unexpected opportunity. Our next Appy Hour isn’t until April or May, so I have plenty of time to come up with my next pair of apps.

This week I also focused on finished two other projects. The first was creating a list of all the DVDs we have in Excel format. Our catalog search is not friendly and I get at least one patron a week (faculty/staff and students) asking for a list of our DVDs. I had to run a clunky report and then edit out the extraneous information to make the list. It took a few weeks to edit because I’d do it in between other things or as a good mindless task for thinking about more complex issues.

I also made 2 handouts for our new streaming video services that walk faculty/staff through how to set up accounts, find videos, and then make use of them in their courses. I need to add them to our website but I’m waiting for approval from my Dean first. I have 2 upcoming presentations on the services, and as more faculty are hearing about them I realized it would be good to have a handout. That project required me to make lots of screen caps and write directions, so it took me a while to get it done.

I was approached yesterday by a History instructor about embedding myself in two sections of her online course. She’s worked with librarians at a nearby community college this way in the past, and I’m looking forward to setting up a library space in her classes. I’m interested to see how much the students make use of my presence in their class. The next few weeks will be filled with teaching and stepping up to fill in the gaps left by being down one librarian. My only other focus will be doing work for the committees I mentioned last week. I’m running my first virtual meeting next Thursday with one committee, and just heard from the other about getting preliminary topics ready by the beginning of March. There’s always something to do here!


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