Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week here in the library. The last day of classes is December 19th, so we are getting busy with students scrambling to finish final papers and study. It’s been busy for me outside of reference sessions also. I had been splitting my focus between a lot of different things, but now I have a project that needs the majority of my work time until the end of the year. We are migrating our entire website to a new library focused CMS, and I’m basically responsible for moving all of the content. My Dean told me this week that she’d like to have the new site ready for the Spring semester, so I essentially need to get it ready by the 22nd when our holiday break starts. I also have to teach her and my fellow librarian how to build content pages tomorrow so they can help with a few of the easier things. I’m definitely feeling pressured to get it done, but I also really enjoy building websites so it’s easy to lose track of time.

The good news is that I’ve seen some longer term projects get completed or close to completed recently. Last week we held a “Meet Your Librarians (And Put Them to Work!)” session for faculty members where we had food and each of us spoke about our educational background, our interests, and our role in the library. We tried to highlight some of our under-utilized services and resources. We had about 20 people show up (about half were already good friends of the library!), but I think it was a success. I have been interacting more with different faculty members and they are starting to come directly to me for things. I’m looking forward to building on these relationships to help promote myself and the library in the future.

The other big project that’s essentially finished is that I was tasked to explore streaming video services for use in instruction. I set up a trial of 5 services and worked with about 15 faculty members to get feedback on what they liked and what they would use. We met this week and made a decision on what to purchase, and I’m happy with our choices. I’m looking forward to getting them set up and to start holding faculty training sessions to teach them how to use the fantastic content we’re getting. I really do enjoy the instruction aspect of my job, and it keeps catching me off guard. I never considered the librarian as instructor role in grad school but I am so glad it found me. I could go on, but the website is calling!


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