Two Month Recap

Another week has flown by, and I’m just a few days short of my 2 month anniversary as an official librarian. I would never have thought that I’d do so much in my first 2 months, and as I reflect on my time here I am proud and also a bit surprised by how  many things I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. I have taught a variety of classes, attended a conference (and another this weekend), worked on several committees, started redesigning our website, set up streaming video service trials, made a Facebook, have built new course materials, and done all the “traditional” library work like circulation, reference, and even acquisitions.

I did a webinar Tuesday with Maureen Sullivan, President-elect of the ALA called “Getting Professionally Involved”. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, this is a topic that I’m devoting a lot of time to. Her presentation was brief, and was very much a marketing pitch for ALA, but I did ask a question at the end which helped me gain some more insight. I asked her how she juggled her work responsibilities with her association responsibilities. She responded that she didn’t see them as separate, but saw everything she was doing in her library and outside of it as part of a spectrum of her being a librarian. This concept isn’t totally alien, but something about the way she put it was very helpful for me in realizing that taking on extra responsibilities is a privilege, and that becoming a successful librarian will take more than just the basic duties of my job. This realization came at a very appropriate time for me. The next month will be crazy. I’m going to a conference, working at least 60 hours next week, teaching 4 classes, and doing usability testing with 4 students, doing LibGuides training, running 2 Plagiarism & Citation workshops, running a Meet Your Librarians event, and somehow celebrating Thanksgiving in the middle!

I also just became the chair of a training committee for the consortium we belong to for our catalog. This is a really wonderful opportunity for me and will get me more involved with the statewide community college system, but it also means more work! I really like the chair of the steering committee and I’m glad to be able to work with her more. She is definitely someone I can learn a lot from in terms of library knowledge and how to balance my job with my associations and my family.

I have some prep work to do for a class I’m teaching tonight, so I’ll be cutting this post short (for me). Tomorrow I’m teaching our high school sophomores about APA format. I was elected because of my background in Psych, but I’ve never taught citations before. I found a really nice APA resource with good teaching materials from the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology. They have materials covering all sorts of topics, but for the APA session I’m doing I found the Research and Teaching  section to be especially helpful. On a more personal note, I’m trying to make the switch to eating more whole/natural foods and I’ve been doing a lot of research on that topic. The Whole Foods website has a nice list of the top 10 most nutrient dense foods  in various categories, and I think it’s a great resource for learning how to incorporate better foods into ones diet!


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