Oh Crap, I’m in Charge

It’s Thursday evening again, which means it’s time for my blog! Last week I was looking forward to blogging, this week is more of a struggle. I don’t have a topic in mind like I did last week but there are some things I’ve decided I want to reflect on.

The first thing is a meeting I had at the beginning of the week with Jennifer Ballance, who I mentioned in my last post. She is a librarian at CPCC, the community college system in Charlotte. I contacted her after the NCLA conference because I think what she’s doing at CPCC is a model that would work for our online classes. She was kind enough to come here and meet with me, and it was a very fulfilling meeting both professionally and personally. She shared some fantastic resources and knowledge with me that will be helpful as I build our new website and try to increase our presence in online classes. She and I also have similar interests and world views and I hope to cultivate a “profersonal” relationship with her in the future.

The sense of camaraderie in the LIS field has been rewarding, and a welcome surprise. I have contacted several librarians that I met at NCLA and they have all been overwhelmingly nice and willing to give me whatever information I was seeking. I worked with a fantastic group of people at my last job, and it’s nice to have the feeling that I have supportive people around me.

This week I’m starting to struggle a bit with the amount of work and responsibility that is slowly amassing in my life. I love this job, and I love every single thing I’m doing, but my calendar is filling up rapidly and my priority list is getting longer every day. I’d like to become more involved with professional organizations but I’m afraid I won’t have time to fill those commitments. I know some of this is due to the fact that the next few weeks of my life are going to be hectic. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going to Wilmington to celebrate with friends and family, and my week following that is already filled with classes, meetings, and webinars. Next Sunday-Tuesday, I’ll be attending the NC3ADL conference in Raleigh with several of my non-library colleagues. At the end of that week I just found out I have to work until at least 9PM Friday (instead of 2PM) for a special Fire College we have on campus. I’m happy to help out, but I know I will be glad when I get to November 12th!

I had a moment last week about this time where I realized “Oh crap, I’m in charge here”. Essentially, whenever our Dean is not in the library I and our other librarian are in charge. That’s both scary and exciting for me. One of my classes in grad school discussed how many new librarians are thrown into managerial roles in their first position, so I was aware of the possibility, but I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms before last week.

Thus far I feel like my blog has been very dedicated to personal exploration, which is fantastic for me, but I feel like I should be giving more back and sharing resources and ideas that I’ve found. This week I downloaded the Zite app for my iPad (one nice perk of the job!), and it’s been a fantastic way for me to find articles of interest based on my Google Reader and Twitter accounts. I’ve found some great articles that I might have missed otherwise. One I’d recommend is an article from Time titled “‘Digital Literacy’ Will Never Replace The Traditional Kind”. It discusses how traditional IL skills are being lost behind new technology. I tend to get geeked out about technology, so it’s good to remind myself that technology need to be used to foster the skills for using all types of information, not just digital information.


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