Things 8&9: Organizing


This week’s things post will be briefer than most of my posts typically are. I started volunteering at a local university this week in the Special Collections area. I’m now working there Monday & Friday from 9-5 along with my counseling job Tuesday through Thursday, so it doesn’t leave much time for exploration! I also had my first library job interview today, and I had to prepare a lesson on an Information Literacy topic for the interview so I have been busy! (BTW, I made a wiki for it, the link is if you’re interested).

I’ve used Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Calendar and several variations of phone calendars in the past so I didn’t really spend much time on this topic. While I was in school I primarily made use of a real life, giant, dry erase wall calendar to stay organized. Now I put really important things in my phone with reminders and use Outlook for work appointments. I’m certain that when I get my first library position I will have a wider variety of duties, meetings, and professional development activities and I might make more use of an online calendar. I know some people shared their Google Calendars to show their planned conference schedule forALA, and I think this is something that is potentially very useful. The group aspect of the majority of Google’s applications is a strong point as online collaboration is becoming more popular in all settings.

I hadn’t used Evernote before but I had been tempted while in school. I downloaded the desktop client, watched the tutorial video, and started making a list of jobs to apply for. I like it, it’s easy to use, and the tutorial video made me wish I had a cool project like building a house to work on so that I could store other types of media. As I stated earlier, I’ve had quite a busy week so I’m sure I can explore this tool more in the future. If I become dedicated to using it I will definitely download the iPhone app to complement the computer side of things. I like using it for job applications because I can paste the whole text of a job ad and save it once I’ve applied. Oftentimes organizations will remove the job ads once the job has been closed, and it will be helpful to have a copy of the original ad for interview purposes. I did actually mention Evernote in my interview today as an example of an emerging technology tool that would be helpful for students to learn about, and I am once again grateful for cpd23!


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