Thing 3 Part Two

In my initial Thing 3 post I got a little caught up in the personal branding side of things and forgot to post the results of my Google searching. My name is relatively common, and just a simple name search brings up only one relevant link on the first page which is to my LinkedIn profile. If I add the term Drexel (where I got my MLIS), 10 of 12 hits are directly related to me. Most of them are linking to different parts of my website, including a paper I wrote. This search also finds my LinkedIn profile, a wiki I made for a course, and a blog I made for a different course. This is promising because it links to all positive things and gives some indication that I’m proficient in several web skills. I did one final search for DigitalCarrie because it seems as though this will be my personal brand moving forward. Google automatically adds a space, which pulls up this blog first but nothing else relevant. If I search without the space all of the links relate in some way to my Twitter account. I feel like this activity yielded positive results. I am still very new in the field and I know that my web presence will only continue to grow.

Another follow up to my last post about the Guerilla Marketing book…making lists of things you are good at is difficult. The book frames everything in terms of dollar amount value, and is geared more toward sales/business type jobs. I will still read through the rest of the book because it is helpful and is making me reconsider how I view myself and my job search.


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