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I’m surprised by the number of participants in the program, but then again, who doesn’t love free learning! I started my browse by filtering the list of blogs by the university/college(US)/academic filter. I’m currently job hunting and would prefer a position in an academic library, so I thought browsing participants with the same interest would be a good starting point. From my initial browsings it seems as though a lot of people have participated in the program before. This is encouraging because it gives an indication that it’s a useful program. I really enjoyed the first post from . I think one of my next steps will be to explore the topics in more detail and figure out how they could be beneficial to me personally and professionally. I found  a link to this course the day before I left for a vacation, and returned home this week to my graduation party and my first week as a full time job hunter so I haven’t had much time to explore the ins and outs of the program  yet.

The chose the same WordPress theme as me, and I was immediately drawn to the candor of the post. I just graduated from library school and I’m still learning how to transition from student to professional. I have tried to study several of my co-workers who are dedicated professionals in other fields to emulate their willingness to devote themselves completely to their field. One of my co-workers (I am a crisis consultant for a domestic violence resource center) is an amazing lawyer who is very active in the ABA and is a great model for engaging with her professional community. Another co-worker is an art therapist who is always taking opportunities to learn from others in her field and to educate our Clinical department and keep us updated with relevant information and events.

My hope is that this program will help me to become a better library professional, help me to begin the process of immersion in the field, and allow me to develop and explore the interests I’ve developed during my graduate career. I suppose I should mention that those interests (currently) include information architecture, the Semantic Web, metadata, and digital information initiatives. I look forward to working with everyone in the program!


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